Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who Is This?

Imagine yourself on the Titanic, 30 minutes after it has collided with the iceberg. Most people on the ship realize there is a crisis, and look to the crew for direction and leadership. The captain, however, is busily assuring people that all is well, that there is no gash in the hull, and that the shortage of lifeboats won't be a problem. The last time you saw him he was meeting with officials from the White Star Line and discussing a fare increase for those in steerage, so that first class passengers could pay less. And as the band strikes up "Nearer My God to Thee," the captain sits down with the chef to revise tomorrow's dinner menu. Isn't it wonderful having a leader who is so steadfast and unchangeable? Full steam ahead!!!! "If anything is amiss," the captain boldly announces, "it is the fault of the ship's barbers. Throwing them overboard will solve all problems!" Such grace, such wisdom, such leadership!

I got this in my email box this morning from Eugene Robinson, a writer at the Washington Post newspaper.
Actually, this was his tagline; he wrote a larger piece critizing Bush's smokescreen effort to draw Americans away from his Iraq, economic, and gas price problems by pushing for another amendment to the Constitution specifically against gay and lesbian Americans. Maybe I'll post that article later, but I found the above scenario quite illustrative.

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