Thursday, June 01, 2006

How many fingers is that?

I recently purchased Augusten Burrough's new book, Possible Side Effects. It is a collection of stories from Burrough's perspective. Many of the stories are funny but they are "cute" funny and not disburbingly funny, like his other works. I guess I grew used to that style of writing from him and when I read this book, I found myself comparing him to Gallagher's witty observations.

Burrough's other books, Running with Scizzors, Dry, and Magical Thinking were a trilogy of sorts that told the story of his wacky childhood and his battle with alcoholism and later, sobriety. Burroughs is so well liked around New York (where he lives) that his works are often published in local magazines as well as national ones (such as Details).

So I am a little disappointed in his latest work but not disappointed in a bad way--I guess he's work is becoming the stuff for an older crowd. In some ways, his work is like a gay couple that has been together for 20 years--not exactly boring but for the most part charming, sort of.

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