Thursday, June 01, 2006

You know it's time to start blogging again...

when even your Mom wonders why you haven't been posting.

I have been kind of distracted lately, so much so that when I come home, I find myself less likely to be online and more likely to be doing other things. However, since life at church and my own life seems to be slowing down a bit, I thought it was time to start blogging again.

I came across this really great quote and wanted to put it "out there" for your consideration. Here it is:

The test of a law is not its popularity. In fact, the framers of our government set up the courts to uphold the rule of law, particularly when a law or its interpretation might be unpopular. On the other hand, upholding the will of the people is not part of a judge’s job description. If it were, women might never have won the right to vote and interracial marriage would still be outlawed in many states. And you can be sure in their day, the judges that ruled in favor of extending greater freedoms to minorities were always pinned as activists.

You are can read the whole article here


What I like most about this article is how it pertains to the interpretation of law outside of what is popular and what is right. Surely it must be tough to make that determination esp when so many folks differ on what they *think* is right.

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